Vancouver-based Recon Instruments made a smart paintball mask.


Recently, Vancouver’s Recon Instruments and Empire Paintball announced they are making a smart paintball mask. The Empire EVS mask creates a first-person shooter-like environment, where the player can check their health, ammunition count, location on a map, and teammate are. The Empire EVS mask will be using the existing Snow2 heads-up display (HUD), which was originally released in late 2013 for snowboarders and skiers.

Vancouver’s Recon Instruments and Empire Paintball: They will get a lot of money from sales.

Paintball: It would change the rules of paintball and change the way to play.



Mark Zuckerberg Donates US$45B to Charity

On December 2, 2015, Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Facebook, donated about $45B to charities all around the world. Mark donated in celibration of his newborn daughter. The charities he would donate to were to help fight disease, improving education and building strong communities.

Charities: They will get a lot of money to fund their cause.

Mark: He would get a lot of good karma and fame for what he is doing.image


More pedestrians are more in danger on street.


Since last year, there has been a rise of injuries and/or deaths by cars hitting pedestrians. Many places in Canada, and the United States, has a 50% increase of people getting hit by cars. The main reasons of people getting hit by cars is drunk or impaired driving, and cell phone, or electronic devices.

Doctors/Paramedics: They have to work hard to aid the injured.

Police: The police have to be more aware of drunk driving, and people on their cell phones while driving.

Drivers: They have to be aware of the laws, and avoid driving when drunk and avoid being on their cell phone.

Government: They need to make some changes and reinforce laws, to keep the innocent safe.



Microsoft Paid About $400 Million Dollars to NFL to Promote the Microsoft Surface

After Microsoft paid the NFL to use their equipment, announcers call the Surface, the IPad. After the announcers tried to fix the mistake on twitter, during the next game they referred the tablets as “iPad-like tools.”  Microsoft currently working on the situation.

Employees: Employees at Microsoft might have to receive a lower pay or lay off some workers, unless the do something about the issue.

Consumers: People would most likely buy an IPad than a Microsoft Surface

Competitors: Apple would have a lot of profit coming their way because of the faulty promotion.



Question: If you were in charge of Microsoft, what would you do about the situation?